Lars Andersson


Lars Andersson started his eponymous brand in his Brooklyn studio in the mid-2000s, personally producing his own take on high quality knitwear with a Swedish minimalist touch.

In 2013, Lars came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to create a sample collection. While there, he fell in love with the skill and high-quality work of the local craftspeople, as well the country’s, food, temples, and culture. After the success of this collection, Lars decided to move ongoing sampling and production from New York to Kathmandu.

In 2020, Lars opened a knitting studio with his Nepali business partner, where they produce hand-loomed knitwear with a small team of highly skilled craftspeople. 

Lars and his team work exclusively with pure, natural fibers, producing beautiful, timeless garments for both his own collections and other international brands.

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